Restaurants|LA SUCRERIA DE LA PLACA. Javea, Alicante

A couple of weeks ago, my family and I went out for dinner as we usually do on Sunday evening. That particular Sunday, my mum fancied going for a walk and I had Heard great reviews about a restaurant called Sucreria de la Placa which is located in the centre of Javea´s old town right next to the beautiful church.

When I was doing my research, reviews of the place varied. Some loved the fact that the menu, which is actually was so small and varied weekly, some did not.

The restaurant is pretty much all about food and it´s beautiful location right in the heart of Javea´s old town. The only downfall (literally!) is that the tables are on a slight slope which meant they were a little uncomfortable, although this definitely should not put you off visiting La Sucreria as the food is totally worth it! The seating area is limited both outside and inside, so I would recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment.

We started the menu with these delicious mixed Bruschettas; From front to back, tomato and balsamic vinegar; salmon, avocado and red pickled onions and lastly, sausage in tomatoe and pepper sauce.

sucreria 1

What I ordered for the next course was served a bit different and unusual, curried sea bass with couscous and it was absolutely fantastic! I would never have thought to make seabass with curry spices and I´m so glad I got to taste the deliciousness of this dish.

sucreria 3

Henner and my Dad both ordered the restaurants famous smoked barbecue ribs, a dish that doesn´t leave the menu when it´s renewed, with the best chips I´ve tasted in a long time!

sucreria 2sucreria 4

Next on the offering was desert, which I actually didn´t order as I phisically couldn´t fit anymore food in (if you know me, you´ll know this is a first!) but my Dad and Henner did and here´s what they tried; Coconut chocolate cake and Tiramisú. I actually ended up trying both ( no surprise there, typical Molly!) and they were super tasty. I also LOVED the way the Tiramisú was presented, so pretty!

sucreria 5sucreria 7sucreria 6

Overall, the food and service in this restaurant was excellent and I would definitely recommend giving the place a visit whether you are a Javea local or visiting the place on holiday. It´s affordable, delicious and in a beautiful location, what more could you possibly want in a restaurant?! They also have live music on Sunday evenings starting from 8:30pm which is lovely.

If you pay the restaurant a visit, I´d love for you to let me know your thoughts in the comments and don´t forget to subsribe to not miss any of my posts!

Love, Molly x

A day at El Jardín de los Sentidos, Altea 

There are places that can’t be described with words and El Jardín de los Sentidos or The Garden of Senses, is one of those magical locations. It’s a botanical garden and rural house located in the beautiful town of Altea in Alicante, Spain.


It’s actually 10 minutes away from Henner’s house and we had stupidly never even been, so this weekend we decided to pay the beautiful gardens a visit and we definitely didn’t regret the decision.


As you arrive, you are told to have a walk around and chose the spot you like the most, then you come back to the entrance where the tea shop is and it’s a price of 7,50€ each for tea and cake, orange cake and green tea for me and apple cake for Henner.  We also ordered a plate of fruit each and Henner a pinnaple smoothie. Everything was delicious.


There are also hammocks right next to the tables in which you could dose off for hours if you liked. Or beds to lay for the day and read a book. The time you spend there is unlimited for the day which is great. It´s also a beautiful location to take photos, so whether you are passionate about photography or just want a new picture for Instagram,  El Jardín de los Sentidos is the perfect place for you.


I hope these lovely photos that Henner took have inspired you and if you do decide to give these beautiful gardens a visit, please let me know if you enjoyed the visit as much as we did!

Molly x