Learning to Embrace Change

Change. Something so many people fear yet something so deeply necessary.  However, the question is, is it really change that we fear? Or the consequences and the stress of adjusting once the change has been made?

In 2017, I was taught a lot of life lessons. One of them was learning to completely embrace change with open arms. Yes, it can be scary to make decisions and changes that will affect us in so many ways, but if we never make them, how will we grow? Of course, change can be intimidating because we are throwing ourselves into unknown territory. Nevertheless, I realised there are two things, in my opinion, much more frightening than change, the comfort zone and routine. e9af3a959794658332f8a684e21473f2

I´ve never been one to shy away from change. As a matter of fact, I thrive off change. But I realised I was so comfortable in the life I was living that I wasn´t making any effort to take control of my life and make changes for the better. I was simply living a comfortable life, in which, yes, I was happy, but I wasn´t growing in any way, shape or form. I was living in a routine within my comfort zone.

Moving away made me realise how comfortably I´d been living and how drastically my life needed to change for me to be able to evolve and grow. So, I did it. I made a decision to change something that I felt deep down no longer suited me, and most importantly, I came to the realisation that it’s okay for feelings to change, for situations to change, change is the key to growth. Just because your feelings towards something or someone change, it doesn´t make the past a lie. It just means you are evolving and with you, your feelings are too. Don´t ever let someone make you feel bad for growing and moving on, it´s part of life.

Change can also produce gratefulness in you. Whether it be positive or negative, change puts everything perspective and can make you realise that there are some things that you may have been taking for granted. Positive things are constantly happening in our lives, yet we ignore them because they have become part of a routine. Looking at things from a distinct perspective also makes us more aware of what kind of feelings, people or places you want in your life, also making you more confident for the future. During my Erasmus I met some incredibly inspiring people, with qualities I adore; intelligent, passionate, openminded, easy going, joyful… All with strong personalities that never give up, no matter how tough things get. I´m sure they will all go extremely far in life and become incredible people. These are the kind of people I hope I will always surround myself with. I also met the opposite, people with qualities that I hope never to find in the people closest to me.


Along with change also comes new opportunities and these could be endless once change comes your way, and if it doesn´t, create the change yourself by making small meaningful changes that will later add up and don’t be afraid to fail! People will judge whether you do good or bad, so stop being afraid of what others will think and make the change. If you fail, you will learn and if you are learning, you are on the right track.

So, make the most of the opportunities life throws at us, act on them, learn from them, grow and most importantly, embrace change with open arms!


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