Tour Paris in Style!

During our trip to Paris in August 2016, Henner and I went on what I would consider my favourite tour I´ve been on so far; the Citroën 2CV tour.

My parents actually recommended it to us after their trip to Paris, as my mum is tour obsessed and literally did ever tour possible in the day and a half they spent in the City of Love (boat, bus, car and walking all in the same day, plus dinner at the Eiffel Tower and Moulin Rouge!). If you´re asking yourself how they managed all of this, I have no clue!

Anyway, back to the tour. So, we arranged our with 2CV Tours and they were fantastic. We booked through the website with the owner, Marc, who answered immediately and was very friendly. He let us know that they only had one Spanish driver called Marion and checked her availability for the dates we chose. She was available which was perfect, but the day we were meant to go on out tour, her car broke down, something that I know happens often as these cars are extremely old and we completely understood. So, Marc arranged for Jeff, another driver to pick us up from our hotel as arranged and even threw in a bottle of champagne which was kind of him.


champagne 2
Enjoying a glass of champagne during our tour!


The great thing about this company is that they charge per car instead of per person like most of the other tour companies I researched, this was what most inclined me towards Marc and his drivers, it makes the tour much more affordable, especially if you are more that two people.


citroen cv 1
At the end of the tour being dropped off outside our hotel!


Jeff, a student that worked as a 2CV tour guide part-time, was fantastic from start to finish and I would highly recommend requesting him for your tour, although I´m sure the other drivers are great too. He took us on a super interesting tour of Paris, showing us both the famous monuments and cute Little corners of Paris most tours usually overlook. He was extremely knowledgable and told us some great facts about Paris and it´s monuments. He even climbed up onto his car and picked some figs for us from the oldest tree in Paris!

This tour was by far the highlight of our trip and I´ve recommended it to anyone I know that has been to Paris since! It´s such a great way to explore the beautiful city, especially as the car is so tiny which made sure Jeff was able to take us here, there and everywhere, from the most famous monuments to the tiny little streets that tour buses can´t get down. It´s also well worth the price! So, be sure to put this on your Paris bucket list and let me know if you loved it as much as we did!

Lots of Love,

Molly x


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