A day at El Jardín de los Sentidos, Altea 

There are places that can’t be described with words and El Jardín de los Sentidos or The Garden of Senses, is one of those magical locations. It’s a botanical garden and rural house located in the beautiful town of Altea in Alicante, Spain.


It’s actually 10 minutes away from Henner’s house and we had stupidly never even been, so this weekend we decided to pay the beautiful gardens a visit and we definitely didn’t regret the decision.


As you arrive, you are told to have a walk around and chose the spot you like the most, then you come back to the entrance where the tea shop is and it’s a price of 7,50€ each for tea and cake, orange cake and green tea for me and apple cake for Henner.  We also ordered a plate of fruit each and Henner a pinnaple smoothie. Everything was delicious.


There are also hammocks right next to the tables in which you could dose off for hours if you liked. Or beds to lay for the day and read a book. The time you spend there is unlimited for the day which is great. It´s also a beautiful location to take photos, so whether you are passionate about photography or just want a new picture for Instagram,  El Jardín de los Sentidos is the perfect place for you.


I hope these lovely photos that Henner took have inspired you and if you do decide to give these beautiful gardens a visit, please let me know if you enjoyed the visit as much as we did!

Molly x


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