Destination Unknown: Waynabox

In need of a short break away but can’t decide where to travel? Waynabox is your solution.

This March, my friend Maria and I were scrolling through our boring FaceBook home pages when we came across Waynabox, and became extremely intrigued. So, by now you’re probably wondering, what exactly is Waynabox? Well, Waynabox is a spanish company that offers weekends away for only 150€ each, a fixed price, including flights and accommodation, and the best part, the destination is a surprise!  (At the moment they only offer their service from 3 airports, Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga, but they are working hard to expand their options.)

The company offers you a list of 12 european destinations, one of which you can remove from the list free of charge (maybe you’ve already been there or just don’t fancy it) and randomly chooses your destination for you, which you don’t find out until 2 days before your travels! Seeing as we are both extremely indecisive travel addicts, we thought, why not give it a go? So thats exactly what we did. Impatiently, in the middle of a lecture at uni, we booked our Waynabox getaway. Our destination options were: Paris, Geneva, Frankfurt, Tangier, Brussels, London, Dublin, Cologne, Lisbon, Budapest and Turin.

After booking I started having my doubts… 3 days, what if our flights are terrible and we only really get a full day or a day and a half? What if our hotel is in the middle of nowhere and we have to spend a fortune on transport to the city? And all I can say is boy was I wrong!

On Wednesday at 12:00pm, 2 days before our getaway, as promised, we received an email from Waynabox announcing our destination of travel: FRANKFURT! I was so excited as I had never been to Germany. Included in the email were our flight details, the hotel booking and a guide to the city. The flights were great, flying early Friday morning at 7:00am and returning late Sunday evening at 20:00pm and the hotel was right in the city centre, in front of the central station.

Overall, our experience with Waynabox was perfect, they were extremely professional and I don’t have a bad word to say about their service. WATCH THIS SPACE FOR MY REVIEW OF FRANKFURT! 


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